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Short and snappy, but brilliant!

I love the quirky frame by frame animation, and the simple-but-effective art style is bang-on. Nice work!


You deserve this 10 - I've tried stop-motion myself and I know it isn't easy. I loved the music track and there's some really interesting set design here too (eg the paperclip sax - loved it!) Animation particularly on the sax player was very good, you've captured how jazz musicians "get into" their solos very well, all that self-indulgent wriggling :) Added bonus, I also work in London myself, lol :D ...Nice work, I hope to see more stuff from you!

Haha... a little too accurate for comfort.

Yep, that reminds me of early uni life... scary. The lobster had me in fits ("Darling, I hate nothing more.")

Interesting bit of info

I didn't take a lot of notice of the lip-synching to be quite honest with you, my eyes were on the screen :) This movie kept my attention through its information rather than its creativity, although your art style is pretty cool. The mouths reminded me of South Park a little. Keep up the good work!

Hehe I love CC... so original

I've only seen a few of the CC eps, but I'm totally hooked now! It's really surprising how one user submitting crappy entries can spawn a whole show... lol! Keep the robot voices by the way, they are part of the show's uniqueness!

Brilliant piece of animation!

This is well worth watching guys, the synchronization with the music is very good... it must be quite hard to animate to a piece of music rather than writing music to an animation (which is what I'm doing at the moment, as a music student ;) ) Overall, very simple, but very enchanting and effective! Nice work!

Very artistic

I really like the graphics, I've always been fond of minimalistic styles. The music is distorting really badly though... you might wanna turn that down a little.

Wow... I like it.

I love your art style... it kinda reminds me of early Tim Burton. Great message, and it comes over very well too! Keep it up!

Hi, I've been into Flash for a little while... a good few years. I have some interesting material lined up to put on NG!!!

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